The reproductive capacity of things on my dresser

(subtitle: I'm cleaning my room)

Did you know keys can multiply? If left alone to their own devices in containers on your dresser, two keys can turn into several dozen. I know this because I recently cleaned off my dresser, and in the process of going through two containers that held odds and ends, I came up with enough keys to outfit several janitors.

I have no idea what the keys unlocked, so I threw them out based on the popular theory that if you haven't used something in the last year, you should get rid of it (this theory does apply to children, which is why I try to use mine as often as possible). I had no idea these keys even existed.

You know what else multiplies if left alone, untouched for many years, on a dresser top? Old cell phones. I had no idea we have gone through so many. I don't think you are allowed to throw them in the garbage, so I did the only thing I could think of to get rid of them--I complained to Jim that we have way too many old cell phones on the dresser.

They were gone this morning.


Jen said…
Ha, we have the same problem here. For years I was never as brave as you, and I would hold onto the orphan keys thinking that somehow they would magically reveal one day what they would open up. I finally realized it was never going to happen, so I got rid of 'em.