New boss

I have a new boss. He's a pretty cool guy. He has a dog that he brings to work. He eats my cereal that I brought in to the office. To make up for eating it, he took me out to dinner at Goss's and showed me the stuffed elephant head and a panoramic picture of some bison.

He's an endodontist, which means he treats the roots of teeth. He's also my brother.


I am now back from 5 days in South Dakota. I have 5 more to go next week, which will be focused mainly on learning new computer software for Mike's endo practice. I am pretty excited.

I do have pictures, but I am too tired to post them right now. And I have scrub pants to hem up.

I will tell a little bit about today. I got x-rayed a couple of times with the new x-ray gun. Mike doesn't have a fixed x-ray on a movable arm like I've seen at every other dental office; he has a hand-held gun. The dental assistants had to practice with it and used each other, the trainer, and me as guinea pigs. I specifically asked for tooth #14 to be x-rayed because I'd been having some sensitivity issues with it.

Dr. Mike looked at the x-ray (delivered instantaneously via computer--no x-ray film to develop! Isn't technology great?) and concluded that I do not have any root issues. He hypothesized that I have been brushing my teeth too hard and have scratched off some soft enamel under the gum line and said I should use a fluoride rinse and maybe get a glass isonomer fill on it.

I am relieved that I don't have to have a root canal.


Jen said…
Glad you made it back safely. Dr. Mike (tee hee) is on his way to Kenosha and is having tire issues. We are not speaking at the moment as I apparently don't know how to read a map and directed the doctor in the opposite direction of the Walmart tire center. Sigh.

I can't wait to see how that gun x-ray thingy works. Any opportunity for Mike to get more guns...

I'll be seeing you quite a bit starting on Sunday. Can't wait! I have found some fun ideas for artwork.
Jenni said…
I want to go, too!! Sorry our convo broke up today. I do want to hear more about it. It sounds kind of fun playing with office instruments. This is an exciting time!!
Yeah,Jenni, sorry about that. The phone coverage in central MN is surprisingly bad.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing office person. I loved the office chair and I loved faxing things!

Jen, I can't wait to discuss ART!!
Dennis said…
I'm so excited for Mike & Jen (and you too). It sounds so fun. It's a big step for everyone concerned. How are the two assistants?
From what I've seen the office looks great.