I'm supposed to be packing

But I'd rather blog.

I have RUNNING pictures. I didn't take them, though. They were taken by another track team parent. So thanks, Julie!

I couldn't go to Paul's track meet because (sigh) I had to work til 6 p.m. So I missed Paul's new personal best. He ran the 3200m in 10:31. I have a hard time backing the van out of the garage in 10 1/2 minutes!

He's temporarily airborne:He makes it look easy.

Last night was his last run for this year in track. One more year!

Switching gears, yes, I'm supposed to be packing. My mother and I are leaving for Florida this afternoon to attend Morgan's graduation (Morgan is my niece). I am very excited! Jenni and I coordinated the births of our children so that none of them graduate in the same year (ha! not really) so we can each concentrate on only one graduate each year. I promise I'll blog while I'm gone.

Also today was the last day of seminary.

These kids were alternately rowdy and sleepy, but I had such a good time with them. I loved our game Fridays because some of the kids who "slept" through the other four days woke up and took the game seriously. My favorite incident was during the scavenger hunt when Sr. O called for something green and Jason (the kid in the front and center sitting cross-legged) picked up one of the freshmen and laid him on the table because the freshman had a green shirt on. That same game, Paul won a point for his team by coming up with a text from his mother and placing it on the table.

Three months and I'll be teaching the Old Testament.

Wish me luck.


Jenni said…
I cannot believe you just did a year of seminary. It went by fast for me. Each day is an eternity, I know, but looking back it seems a blur...

Paul...a senior...impossible.

Jen said…
It is amazing how quickly this year has flown by. And, man oh man, you are my hero for surviving a full year of teaching seminary.

Have great and safe trip. Give all the Smiths a big hug from us (double for Morgan).