I am now in Florida

But Delta tried their very best to prevent me from getting there.

When mom and I got to Memphis, we rushed to the gate to catch our connecting flight. Not a minute after getting there, the gate attendant announced there would be an indefinite delay. A few minutes later, another person got on the intercom and said, "We have a maintenance problem. This plane is broke."

I had a giggle at that. Either the plane's wallet is extra, or it is cracked in half down the middle.

And that was the last of my laughing. Not that we were in danger of being stuck forever in terminal limbo, but....sob...we were forced to RUN.

After it was announced that the plane was "broke," we were told to go to a different gate for an update. I don't know why we had to wait at a different gate to be told what was going to happen with the flight, yet we went. I think the airport personnel were bored and wanted some entertainment so they had the plane "break down" just so they could watch harried passengers run around the airport.

When we got to the new gate, we were told that there was a possibility we could get on a flight from Memphis to Atlanta, and then from Atlanta to Jacksonville. So I lined up (while mother took her ease in a chair and read a book) to see what the deal was. I have never been in a line that moved that slowly.

The gate agent FINALLY got to me and then she promptly jammed the printer. We got on the new flight to Atlanta/Jacksonville, but the plane was supposed to leave the gate in five minutes. We were a good ten-minute walk away. We had to hustle.

We made it though. It was very late by the time we arrived in Jacksonville. And awaiting us at the baggage claim was another long line for me to stand in, because our bags had not made the trip with us.


At least Jenni was there to pick us up.

Our bags arrived at 10 a.m. this morning and all is well now.

Except it's hot.


Jen said…
I'm so glad you guys made it to FL safely. What a stressful time getting there though. Yuck! Hope your return trip is the extreme opposite...maybe a bump up to 1st class and on a direct flight.
Anonymous said…
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TaterBean said…
Did they bring you your luggage or did you have to go and retrieve it?
Dennis said…
Glad you made it. I'm so glad I travel very infrequently.