I have very limited time today because a) I'm teaching seminary in less than an hour, b) then I have to go to work, c) and make one more lasagna for the d) pasta dinner tonight that we are hosting here and my house and e) I have to still bake the 6 lasagnas that I made yesterday and f ) cut up several pineapples snf g) clean this messy house AND 7) I teach seminary tomorrow too.

So time...not so much of it to be found around here (I might have left some extra time under the bed or something. I hope I can get my hands on it).

But I have these pictures of the fall drive Jim and I took last Saturday and I like them and want to put them up on my cyber wall to show everybody.

On our trip, we took a few minutes to explore a burned out restaurant. We wondered when it burned, and wondered why.

After the burned out restaurant, I went closer to the beach (we were driving around Lake Mille Lacs) and snooped around an abandoned shack.

while Jim strolled on the beach.

 Then we drove some more to look for tree color. We got a little lost, but what is not knowing exactly where you are when you have no destination in mind and no time limit?


Jen said…
It's nice that you guys take the time to go on a fall exploration. Mike and I have never done that in our 13 years of marriage. We have been on the road for other things and noted the fall colors, but never a specific trip just ffor that purpose. I don't think SD will have quite the impact as in MN since there aren't as many trees.

Can't wait to see you this weekend! Mike didn't even know about it.
Jenni said…
How nice. No fall here. No exploring here. I always miss the North the most at this time of the year. Glad you enjoyed it.