My son runneth over

and around, and around again, and over another hill and behind some trees and finally into the chute at the finish line.

Can you STAND more running pictures?

Because here are more.

The 2011 CC Varsity team

Paul wearing some items I have not seen him ever wear before. This is not a Paul I am familiar with. 

Here is Paul's back. I get plenty of front-on or side-on pics, I thought I'd do a back-on just to keep you all from getting bored with pictures of Paul running.
Paul was the second Laker in and despite what he whined about--sore legs from standing all evening at a football game the night before and the course being SUPER hard--he kept his time under 18 minutes, 17:50 to be precise. He says he is done with times over 18 minutes (like it took him just to SAY he wasn't going to do it anymore).

Next week is the pasta dinner at our house and the next day Paul will race in the home meet. I'm sure I'll have pictures of those two events too.  But tomorrow...I might have pictures of a drive Jim and I took after the CC meet. Cross your fingers!


Jen said…
I have to agree that "Carefree, Hippy Paul" is not one I've seen either. Sorry his legs hurt from "standing all night". I'll have to see if I can use that excuse to get out of doing work. Haha! Glad Paul could get past his soreness and still do great!
Mary said…
Wow--that's a runner! We do cross country here too. This is Nate's first year, and after years of health problems, it's good to see him out there. Records are not being broken but I cried the first time I saw him running. I love that it's an individual sport as much as a team sport b/c he can push for goals.