Taking a little break

From work. For a few minutes. Although if I get a call, I'll have to go right back to work. Two feet away.

So I haven't blogged.

Here are Ten things I didn't have time to blog about:
1. The return to school. No I didn't take pictures. You know what my kids look like. Imagine them frowning. That's what they looked like as they walked out the door to the bus/car.
2. Jim's dad is here til the end of the week. He brings chocolate and butterscotch suckers and See's candy. We like him a lot.
3. I'm wearing pants. Pants instead of shorts. It's been cool enough to wear pants instead of shorts and I like that.
4. I got my hair cut. It was way too long and frayed at the ends. Now my hair bounces and waves and acts like it is 21 again.
5. Other Jim sleeps during the day. And when he doesn't, I tell him "Go to bed! You have to work tonight!" He works 10 p.m. til 7 a.m.
6. Matt's voice continues to get deeper. He doesn't sound like "Little Budgie" anymore.
7. Seminary starts TOMORROW. Must go to bed early tonight.
8. I am mostly prepared for it.
9. I'm looking forward to it.
10. I'd better get back to work.


Jenni said…
So many things!! It is always crazy when we are looking at interim grades and you are starting school. They just do not have thing figured out here. So sad that the kids were frowning on their way to school. I can't believe Hayley started high school. What are her thoughts on it? Paul's senior year is also a momentous occasion. And Matt - deep voice? NOOOOOOOO!!! Anyway, I like the haircut. Have fun at work.
Jen said…
I'm gonna tell on you!!! J/K! I think you are entitled to a break now-and-then especially since you get the long lunch hour at noon like the rest of the employees.

I'm glad everyone else's kids are finally back in school. We were starting to feel left out. I'm sure your kids didn't have frowns on their faces for their first day of school. Can Jim Sr. come visit us with some chocolate. Our household is always in need of MORE chocolate. Good to hear that Other Jim did get that job. Way to go and go get some sleep!