Not about the fall drive

I said I was going to post pictures of the fall drive trip Jim and I took after Paul's meet, but I'm not. I found a picture on facebook that I simply HAD to put on here.

At home, Paul is very quiet; he rarely laughs, and almost never joins in games. He does have a subversive personality because I hear from Matt and Hayley constantly about all the times Paul is "mean" to them. I hardly ever catch Paul being mean, but I don't doubt the validity of Matt and Hayley's claims.

Anyway, I got a glimpse of the fun-loving Paul from this picture:

He and his CC friend decided to show fan support for another team during the JV race. He almost looks like a "creeper" or a photobomber.


Jenni said…
I saw this on facebook and got such a kick out of it. He is so funny. In about 15 years, you'll probably call me and tell me, "You know, Paul is really funny! I never knew that!" He does look like he just jumped into someone's pictures.
Jen said…
Paul is funny, who knew! Haha.