Today I heard a leaf blushing

Yes, it's just a piece of nonsense.

But I do hear hints of red, yellow, and orange in the breeze.

Fall is coming, and I am eagerly waiting for a Saturday drive through the leaves of Minnesota. With my camera, and with Jim, of course.

Speaking of Jim, he and Other Jim are at a Twins' game. One of the last games of the season. They left without tickets, but with every confidence that there will be good seats available from scalpers or even the ticket office, if necessary. The Twins are bad, with a capital B, this year. It's a father/son outing. It would have been a father/son/mother outing, but somebody's gotta work. And it ain't the cats. Or maybe I wasn't invited.

Oh well. I'll heat up some water for hot cocoa and sit at my desk and putter while I watch the yellowing going on outside my window.

I am currently on a break from work. The boss, with a capital B, is out of town, and there are few matters for me to deal with so I gave myself a 2 hour break and had the assistant who is holding down the actual office fort transfer the phone line back to her.


Jen said…
I'm glad you enjoyed your week off from work. It was more stressful for me with the Boss away. Hasn't started looking fallish around here yet, but I also haven't been paying close enough attention. Will try to next time I'm out.
What week off from work? I was workin'! I did take two-hour breaks each day though. And the work load was lighter. So I will concede that it was a relaxed week at work.

How are the little chickies? And the girls? And the wallpaper?
Jen said…
Oh, I misread your "break from work" as being off from work this week. I knew you had been working, but I didn't know if you were still working full days since the girls in the office weren't. I suppose you can't control when those calls come in, huh?