He's bugging me

The dreaded 7th grade science project known as the insect collection is upon us for the last time. Matt came home from school yesterday moaning that he has to collect bugs. I don't know why he's moaning about it; he loves bugs and fiddling around in the grass, which are two main components of collecting insects. I guess doing it for fun is one thing, but being graded on what is normally something you do for fun kind of makes it a chore.

Anyway, he made a makeshift butterfly net out of an old pillowcase and a hanger. He attached the pillowcase by stapling it around the end of the hanger. It seems to be functional.

We went out for an evening walk, he and I, with the intent to do bodily harm to several insect orders.

Some pictures please, maestro? you say? (dunno why I'm calling myself "maestro" other than I was called "muestra" in seminary today. I like to think it means teacher)

I can provide pictures, for I was not without my camera on my walk. I was also in possession of working batteries for said camera, unlike at yesterday's cross country meet, where not only was my camera battery dead, but so was my other camera battery. And the camera Jim brought had no memory card. And my phone camera chose not to cooperate. So no pictures of running man Paul, who came in 29th out of 210.

First we have Hayley with the cat. This picture has nothing to do with bug collecting. 

Matt, the eight foot tall giant. (in his dreams)
Sweeping the weeds for insects

Checking for anything interesting

Moonrise at McColl Environmental Learning Center


Matt caught a damselfly, several pounds of gnats, some large grasshoppers, two bugs of indeterminate classification, and I caught a stinkbug.

It was a productive evening, so said Matt to his father when we got back home.


Today I took Clark in for allergy testing, and when the doctor looked in his ear, he found a bug in there.

I am not lying.

A neon green dead bug inside his ear canal. I don't even know what to say.
TaterBean said…
That is such a horrible project. The teachers are teaching us to kill bugs and pin their dead insect bodies on to a board for display. Gross!
Jenni said…
Really nice pictures! I'm so glad they are still doing the bug collection. We don't do that here. I guess we see enough cockroaches everywhere that they figure we've gotten our fill.

The sunset was amazing!!!
Jen said…
My school never required bug collecting as part of the curriculum, but I think I may have enjoyed it. The girls love to find caterpillars to put in our butterfly sanctuary, but they are not too fond of catching anything else. We keep seeing the same unidentified, green, odd looking bug inside Walmart. Hmmm, makes you wonder.

Love that sunset picture. Gorjuss!
meg.. said…
Caemlyn and Zephram also just finished collecting bugs for 7th grade science. At this altitude, they can be a bit tricky to find. I am certainly glad that it's over though.