Pushing the button

Other Jim has officially submitted his application to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The above picture is of him doing the actual submission.

The last part of his submission was the photo to upload. He had to dress like a missionary. All he's missing is the name tag.

Jim and I kept saying to each other all day, "Can you believe it? He wants to serve a mission. He actually got the paperwork and medical and dental exam done. Did you ever think that little boy who hated going to church and hated wearing church clothes and church shoes and church socks and was the cause of many headaches for his Primary teachers actually has applied to serve a mission?"

He met with the Bishop yesterday and the last step will be an interview with the Stake President.

And then we wait for the letter.


Jen said…
Congratulations, Other Jim! What an exciting time to look forward to. Jim will be such a great missionary. I could see the excitement he had when he was chatting around with the missionaries when everyone was helping us move in.
Jenni said…
Hard. To. Believe. I remember that little Jimmy that you mentioned. A lot of parental work has gone into making this happen. Mom always said that you must win when it comes to those things like church clothes, shoes, and socks. See where it got you??? That is what you get for pushing.
TaterBean said…
YAY! Triple like!! I can't wait until he gets his letter. I want to be on the phone with you guys when he reads it!
Dennis said…
I am sooooo happy. What a fantastic young man. He will be a great missionary, I just know it. And to you and Jim I am so happy for you. It is such an accomplishment for you to send off your son to parts unknown to be with people yet unknown. Hard work and love pays dividends.
The Storyteller said…
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