Matt and Hayley have been working hard on new projects. One kid did it for a school assignment, the other is ignoring school assignments to work on her own personal idea.

Remember the post I wrote about Matt looking for bugs for an insect collection? He finally finished it (a week early, so technically he could still find some more bugs and add to his collection, but he was tired of all the killing). Yay! I am done forever with dealing with kids who need to collect, kill, pin, and label insects!

Here is Matt with his assortment of insects:
He didn't go much for decoration and layout; he just wanted to get the buggers pinned and labeled.

Personally, I am proud of two of the insects. If you looked very closely at the picture above (with a microscope), you would see my name on two of the labels signifying that I caught them. I will have no one think I am a pansy when it comes to bugs (spiders are a different story completely because they are murderous beasts with only one thought on their tiny little evil brains--to paralyze me and turn all my innards to goo and eat me alive. Ticks are even worse. But I digress)

Want to see the two buggies I caught by myself?

Sure you do.

a red wasp, caught and then wrapped up in a kleenex and stored by a rock while I finished my walk

A stinkbug spotted on the stalk of a weed
So that was my contribution. Matt caught the others, mostly when Jim and I were present and coaching him. He had a lot of help putting them in the killing jar.

Enough about bugs. Now on to Peppermint Butlers.

Hayley has this idea for Halloween costumes. She and Matt (and Other Jim, but he's not going to participate) really like the cartoon called Adventure Time. (I consider it very weird and oddly drawn) Hayley wants to dress up like Princess Bubblegum--this will probably be the only time in her life that she ever has or ever will dress like a princess (how is she my child???). Matt will go as the magic dog named Jake. Hayley convinced two friends to help out--one to go as Finn the human, and the other to dress as Marcelline the vampire. Google them yourself.

So Princess Bubblegum has a servant named Peppermint Butler. He looks like this:
 Hayley made the pillow thing herself. She used no pattern except a picture she printed off the interwebs. She rummaged through my fabric stash and used my sewing machine while kneeling down because she was too excited to get Peppermint Butler put together to pause to find a chair or to rearrange the sewing table so she could sit down and sew. When Hayley gets an idea, she does not pause to think "will I be comfortable as I pursue my dream?" and then she does it regardless of the risk of personal injury.

She has also plundered her grandmother's fabric warehouse in search of materials to make the other costumes as well. She has a lot of sewing ahead of her. And in this case, she IS my daughter. My sister and I used to stay up late at night sewing shirts and skirts and nightgowns, with no regard for asking permission.

PS Matt will be a teenager in TWO WEEKS. A teenager. Matt. The baby. WILL. BE. A:
I'm not sure what to make of it. 


Jen said…
Congrats to Matt for finishing his project early. Sorry all the "killing" bothered him. I personally like killing bugs, and i had lots of satisfaction sucking up the hundreds upon hundreds of bugs (mostly meaty spiders) while cleaning this house before moving in. Good for Hayley for taking an interest in sewing and being so passionate about her project. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Love how the Peppermint Butler turned out, too funny. We have watched the oh so strange "Adventure Time" many times. It's a good family activity (haha).