22 years and 363 days

...and counting.

It's almost anniversary time here in the shoebox castle. On this Saturday, Jim and I will have been married 23 years.

In 23 years, we've:
Lived in 5 states
Lived at 13 different addresses
Had almost as many landline phone numbers
Raised 5 children
Bought three mattresses
Had 4 dining room tables (all used, by the way. We don't go buying new dining room tables left and right)
Owned 8 vehicles (all used. All of them. Two we drove to death. One almost to death. Another back on to the lot for a trade-in and got $200. Three are still with us and one is with Kate. Kate's and one of ours are nigh unto sleeping in the vehicle junkyard)
Bought 3 new couches (and had 4 used ones). We're tough on furniture.
Owned three electric skillets (I still miss the first one)
Repainted the bathroom of our current living space once
Taken many many road trips together.
Cleaned up 12 feet of vomit at 2 a.m. on New Years Day once (thank you EJ for giving us that experience)
Hit each other never
Had maybe a handful of shouting matches (and I'm the one who shouts. Jim never does, but he will defend himself if provoked to extremes)
Held hands as often as possible
Called each other at lunch time nearly every day
Never regretted getting married to each other.


Dennis said…
I think you two are a perfect couple and I love you both very much. You have wonderful, respectful children (not to mention very talented).
Jen said…
Happy 23rd! I know you two are truly meant for each and make each other happy to bits. You both are really lucky to have found each other and made 5 wonderful children.

P.S. It's kind of scary to "number" your lives like that. And, Sadly, Sara even though Mike was in the Navy, you guys still got us beat on number on number of residences. 13! Wowzers!
TaterBean said…
I love my parents!
Jake said…
So, if I'm to do the math correctly, that comes out to slightly more than 6 inches of vomit on average per year from EJ. Is there any video footage of that night? If so, I must see. Since you're speaking of length of time married I must share a quote with you and Jim.

"Ronnie and I have been married to each other for so long...we're on our second bottle of tabasco sauce." -Art Kimber

Congratulations Sara & Jim