We Wang-Chunged to a different tune

There were no board games on our anniversary overnight because we forgot to pack them.

But Friday morning, I saw a link on one of my favorite websites (Satellite News--which is a fan site for MST3K). The site announced that two of the guys from MST3K would be appearing on a radio show on MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) called Wits and that John Hodgman (the PC guy from the Mac commercials) would be there too. The link said "If you happen to be in St. Paul this evening..." and I thought WHOA. I'm going to be in St Paul this evening! (That's where we stayed overnight) We had nothing planned but board games and movies. I got to thinking about going to this show, and then obsessing about it. When Jim came home, I cautiously presented the idea, not knowing what his reaction would be. I didn't know if he would really care to go to a live performance of a radio program that had little to do with music, which he loves, and focused so much on personalities that I liked.

I shouldn't have worried. He was keen on the idea, unlike when I suggested that we go dancing the week before.

Because it would take to long to recap the radio show in five paragraph essay form (and I would easily need twice that to do proper justice), I'll just distill my thoughts down to a ten things list.

Ten things I liked about going to see Wits: a Special Edition with John Hodgman

1. The people behind Crow T Robot (v 2.0) (Bill Corbet) and Tom Servo (who we named the cat after)(Kevin Murphy) were there and they participated in the show, onstage and off...

2. and at one point, they teamed up with Neil Gaiman, whose children's tome "The Graveyard Book" I adore.
3. John Hodgman is very funny, a self-proclaimed deranged millionaire. He read two passages from his newest book.
4. The host John Moe was very funny too while explaining his theory of the Butterfly Effect.
5. The Fitzgerald Theater is prone to tipping people over as they walk through the theater
6. We, as an audience, were encouraged to use our cell phones and iPads through the performance; we were encouraged to turn the sound off though.
7. We were especially encouraged to "tweet" before and during the performance (do you know about Twitter?) about what we were seeing and hearing.
8. During the pre-show time, the sound ladies projected the tweets about Wits on the screen.
9. Kevin and Bill read some of the tweets during the program.
10. Through Twitter, I learned that we were not the only couple in attendance celebrating our anniversary, but we were celebrating the most years together

I forgot to mention that there were hipsters aplenty in attendance. I saw lots of strange hair, strange glasses, weird scarves, repurposed clothing, arty leggings paired with odd footwear, funky hats, and many more evidences of hipsterhood. Lots of tweets mentioned the high concentration of hipsters.

I highly recommend doing something unconventional for anniversaries. What is unconventional for us may be ho-hum for you and vice versa, but whatever you don't normally do, do.

Yay for fun!


Jenni said…
That sounds so fun!! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves in a completely new and interesting venue. Happy anniversary!!
Jen said…
I totally would have been up for that. Jim is a good sport, and I'm sure he had a lot of fun, too. Happy anniversary!