West Side Matty

I'm behind with the blogging. Again I have to blog about events from last weekend.

The kids participated in a church activity called "Saints on Broadway." Each group did 1-4 dances to songs from a Broadway musical. Our ward picked "West Side Story."

The 12-13 year old boys got to do a dance all by themselves to the prologue and I found it very entertaining to
watch Matt "dancing."

Paul and Hayley participated also, but that video is much longer and I didn't get good views of either one. So you only get to see Matt. My favorite part is where the four "bad boys" hassle and bully two much older and much tougher guys. In real life, those two "pushovers" would have pounded these four little punks into the ground without even breaking a sweat.

All the kids had a great time, including those, like Paul, who have never ever desired to be on stage.


Jenni said…
That is a great idea that would never happen here. It looks like these guys are having a great time. Matt is a ham, but you knew that!!
Jen said…
I think we have finally discovered Matt's talent. Now you probably feel bad for all the times you told him to shut it because he was only honing his skill to be a future A-Lister.