How well can I type at 6:30 a.m.?

I'm up again at an unholy hour of the morning, although sleeping until 5:19 was technically sleeping in. Thank you, seminary, for skewing my perception of time.  If I had told my college age self there would come a time in my life when sleeping until 6 a.m. would be enjoyed and even considered heavenly, I probably would have shot myself for thinking future me was an alien in disguise. As a teen, I never could understand how in the world my mother could get up at these weird morning hours (when technically it wasn't even MORNING yet because, hello, there was no SUN peeping over the horizon) and do housework (and really all I can see now is getting up early isn't so bad; the actual doing of housework I still don't understand. How can I do housework when I have to catch up on emails, cute kittens, and people of walmart? I'd be willing to bet if facebook existed when my mother was in her 40s, she'd have been parked in front of her Apple 2e instead of downstairs grinding wheat at 5 a.m.),

I am considering physical movement this morning. I had intended both Thursday and yesterday to take a walk, but promises were made regarding food for parties and I cooked and baked instead of ambled. Today there are no food considerations. I have used up my allotted time in the kitchen for the month and we must subsist on leftovers for the rest of November. So I can spend that time I would have been cooking getting the feets moving so's I can  burn off about 40 million calories.

Thanksgiving Day Two was all I was hoping it would be. There was good food and interesting means of cooking it. Thank you Jake, for cooking the turkey in what looked like a lobster tank. 

And we played several rounds of Werewolves of Miller's Hollow. That just might have to become a tradition.  Thanks Marissa for bring the game and suggesting that we play it. I moderated most of the rounds, but finally got Hayley to take over moderation so I participate. Thanks to my brothers for playing along. I wasn't sure any of them would, and then when the first round was over, none of them dropped out. Jake, Mike, and Dave willingly kept playing. My mom even played.  There was a sister-in-law who didn't feel well and didn't play, but she kept little ones busy while we played. Next time, though, we'll get her in the game.


Jenni said…
So much fun!! We are gearing up for Werewolves in my 11th grade classes in two weeks. It will be the best day of their year.

Sounds like a great time with everybody. As always, I wish I could have been there. But, as always, I wasn't. Hopefully you all didn't miss me too much.
Jenni said…
And I can totally picture mom spending all her time surfing the web, updating her blog, posting on Fb, and playing games back in the day. Just pick up that phone, dial in, and place it in that funky, two-holed reciever!!
Jessie said…
Question: what were the means Jake used to cook the turkey? It wasn't a sous vide cooker, was it?? Bon has been pining for one for a very long while and has even been concocting plans to make one himself. With all his cooking expertise, I thought Jake might know a thing or two about sous vide. Either way, I bet all the food was delicious!
It was sous vide, and it was THE best turkey ever! After Jake took the turkey out of the bath, he pan fried it to crisp up the skin. His getup was like this:,r:9,s:0
gah, that's a long link.
Jen said…
The turkey was divine and has absolutely spoiled me for future turkey dinners. I had no knowledge of that way of cooking, so it's interesting to hear that Jessie and Bon know all about it.

I'm glad we played Miller's Hollow. A great way to end the night. A new tradition, maybe?

Fun crafting with ya today
Jake said…
Jessie, if you're looking for a thermal circulator, I'm pretty sure William Sonoma (or the like) has something for the home. I borrowed one of the machines from work and the ones we use are of industrial strength. If Bon gets his way and you ever have questions about Sous Vide, drop me a lne.

Mike said…
It was fun killing mom... Still enjoying the squash buns, yum. Mimi likes to have some bun with her butter.
Jessie said…
Jake, thanks, I'll definitely pick your brain if Bon successfully makes a sous vide (buying one isn't an option since they're waaaay out of our price range right now)!