Teenagers have the power to make or break the day of the parent

I was feeling curmudgeonly this morning, if not downright cranky.

But Hayley has the ability to turn a phrase just right to make me laugh and forget that I was feeling mean and poor and lowly of spirit.

Taken out of context, the words she uttered seem so preposterous, which is why I laughed.

She said:

"When I talk to him, I talk to him facing the chickens."

and most recently, she said:

"Let's keep the breath clouds outside the house."

Thanks Hayley for making me laugh.


TaterBean said…
What did she mean by those comments? I don't get it. HAHA!
Jen said…
Who knew that quiet, shy child I remember would turn into a witty, young lady. I like hearing that you not only appreciate her clever remarks but also get them. I didn't have that with my own parents.
Jake said…
FYI, Hayley had drawn a Santa Claus & reindeer @ ma's house & Maya really liked it. Liked it so much she wanted to color it. I told her to wait so I could go make a copy for her and maintain the original. Once the copy was made, Maya got right to work on coloring that in. The tongue of the reindeer was sticking out in very cartoon-like fashion. Maya loved that. Plz tell Hayley, too. Thx Hayley!
Jake, I'm glad that Hayley's picture produced some coloring enjoyment for Maya.