Gol' Daggit

Let's get in the ol' time machine and travel back to last Sunday. Why? Because that's what I'm gonna blog about today. Nevermind that I did not actually witness what I'm blogging about. The reason I was not in attendance at this particular event was that I went and signed myself for a work-related conference the next day without consulting my calendar. When I realized that I would be traveling to attend the conference when Paul's Cross Country end-of-the-year banquet was scheduled, verily, I was distraught.

Jim went to the banquet with Paul, under strict orders to take photographs and keep me posted on all goings on so that I could feel like I wasn't such a loser mom. I also knew that one of the other parents would be taking pictures so in case Jim forgot or couldn't figure out how to use my camera, I could still be assured of seeing some form of printed evidence of Paul at a banquet.

So to pictures.

Here is the CC senior boys table. One of the guys is wearing the official PLHS CC t-shirt for this year, which says, "We play Cross Country." It makes me laugh. One year their t-shirts said, "Real athletes run miles, not yards."

They are about to do "cheers." As in "cheers to us for we are studly men." Because that's what all senior boys say, right?

These are all the seniors on the team:
The pieces of paper they are all holding are their letter certificates. This makes #7 for Paul, 4th letter for Cross Country. Yes, I might be bragging. I have to make up for having only lettered in Band when I was in high school.

Three coaches and two captains:
There should have been three more boys in this picture, but they chose not to follow rules and got removed from being a captain. J. and Paul were good boys. 

The last photo of the bunch was kind of a surprise. There is an award given to the team member who exhibits exemplary sportsmanship while participating on a Laker team (meaning each team gets to chose a team member to receive the award) and is voted on by their teammates. It's called the Daggit award (named after a beloved former softball coach who died unexpectedly a few years back) and it's supposedly a big deal. It was awarded to Paul this year.
He got a plaque with his name on it.
I was even more distraught upon hearing I missed seeing Paul get an award, and it wasn't so much that I'm a loser mom for having to do work things instead of attending stuff my kids participate in, it's more that I missed out on the experience where I am sitting at an uncomfortable lunch table in the high school cafeteria at a kind of overlong CC banquet and hearing the coaches talk about this award that I have heard of before once or twice and not paying much attention because J. H. or J. W. was gonna get it and I'm fiddling with my program and wishing I had another cookie, and....did they just say Paul's name??  Oh Em GEE (which means "Excuse me? Say that again?") they DID say Paul's name. He is an award-winner! People think he's some kind of Sportsmanship Superhero! Whee! Yay for Paul! And I missed jumping up and taking a ton of pictures of him toting his little plaque back to the table o' testosterone and seeing the other boys high five him.

And I missed seeing him (as one of the captains) hand out gag gifts to the rest of the team. I missed seeing and hearing He Who Does Not Speak At Home use a microphone and try to be a comedian.  A talkative Paul is a rare thing, and I missed it.


Jake said…
Congratulations to Paul and his achievement(s)! I like the "We Play Cross Country" also. The runners, I always felt< were a bit different, But always in a good way. It seems that character transcends time & geography. Way to go, PAUL!
Dennis said…
Way to go Paul!! I'm sure Jim's proudness (I know that is a word) was enough for both of you. It's always rewarding, as a parent, to see your children achieve something whether it is sports, academia or tiddly winks (that's not a sport) the parental reward is the same. I'm justifiably proud of all my children and their children.
Jen said…
It is interesting how much cross country made Paul bloom into a completely different being, but it's obviously been for the better. Congrats to him for all his accomplishments especially for that significant award.
Jenni said…
That is really great!! Congrats to Paul for his special award - his award for being special. That is really cool to get an award for personal attributes more so than "who was the fastest." WTG!!
meg.. said…
Congrats to Paul! Sounds like you've got an amazing kid. Sorry you missed it - I know how you feel.