I have two lasts to post about: Paul's last high school cross country race, and his last first high school band concert of the year. 

The start of the last race.
I like watching the start of these races.  All the boys are in one mass, like migrating birds. It's cool to watch them undulate across the golf course.

Then they spread out a bit as they move through the course.

This is Paul at the end of his last CC race. I am proud of this kid. Four years of running a lot is not something most kids find enjoyable, but he did. He was good enough to be named captain, and smart enough to remain captain (three boys lost their captaincy because of poor choices on their part).

And here he is two seconds away from the finish line of his last race. He completed the course in 17:50, not too bad of a time. He's had better twice, but considering the previous two races, he ran over 18, he was glad to go sub 18 for his last race.

It's time to hang up his spikes. *sniff*

Then we have his last first band concert. A note regarding this band--they are the juniors and seniors who either didn't want to be in marching band or couldn't fit it in to their schedule.
As you can see, it's a small group. Mr K, the director, called it sort of a chamber band. They are instrumented well, no overabundance of any one instrument, nor a lack of any group. Paul is the only french horn.

Ever the social butterfly during band concerts
I still can't get over how a little tow-headed boy with a few speech impediments, a love for his Immy (his white blanket) and scant understanding of social customs, can grow up to be this person. Paulie, you done yer mam proud.


Jenni said…
How sad to be done with CC. It was a good run, and I'm glad he made good enough choices to maintain his captainship. (I'm always confused at how kids will risk the good stuff for the stupid stuff.)

As for the band concert, that is an interesting little group. But good for him keeping with it. It strange to look back at our children and try to connect the little person with the big person they have become. You done good, mam.
Dennis said…
Paul bumped my car yesterday at church. I'm going to sue for damages and pain and suffering.
Dad, what are you talking about?
Jen said…
It is quite an accomplishment for Paul to follow through and do CC for all 4 years of high school. I'm glad to know that Paul has a good head on his shoulders and give in to the bad crowd of his team. That says a lot about a person. Good luck with band for the rest of the year.
Dennis said…
Ask Paul. I'm just kidding but I think I surprised him. I'm the one that bumped cars (on purpose). Paul had just backed into a parking spot and I was just leaving so I drove up and touched his bumper with my bumper. Paul & EJ were listening to "church" music.