1000th post

Seriously, I'm at 1000. I should have dressed up to blog today.

In honor of 1000 posts of meaningless drivel (except for that one week before Christmas 2009 when I blogged daily my thoughts about the Nativity), I'm going to do a ten things list.

Ten things for no reason, about nothing in particular

1. I saw a craft idea for a family motto board. The craft itself is cute, but I cannot take the family motto idea seriously. I can't. My children wouldn't either. We all would ignore it and go on with our lives in whatever way we chose to live it, and when we got bored, we'd make fun of it and change the words around to mean stupid things. If I were forced at gunpoint to come up with a family motto, I think I would have to go with "Aspirate." Maybe I'll make a family motto board with that on it just for fun.  Heehee, I just thought of something: I hate those signs that say "Live, Laugh, Love" (no apology from me if you have one. I don't hate each individual idea, nor the collection of all three, nor any two in combination, I just find the idea of having it displayed anywhere ridiculous because it isn't going to make anyone--namely me--do any of them more often or better) but something like "Aspirate, Assimilate, Amalgamate" I could endure and even find amusing. Any other suggestions for a more sarcastic take on the "Live Laugh Love" phenomenon?
2. My stomach is insisting on being fed cookies.
3. Several children went to *Mollica Merica without me. (Yay!)
4. For today being a "closed" day at the office, I have been busy answering phone calls. (and by "busy answering phone calls" I mean that I have made three appointments and fielded two other calls of varying natures)
5. Kate brought home a bag of stale candy corn pumpkins. Happy Hallow-mas.
6. I have more cookies to bake, but the cardamom bread is done and in the freezer (don't touch, or you will suffer such pain as will drive you to chew your own eyes out)
7. EJ is ruthless at Settlers of Catan.
8. Killer Bunnies is the next family game on our list of things to do while Kate is home.
9. Stomach is still growling.
10. I really should get back on the exercise bike and finish watching "Grimm."

* Mall of America


TaterBean said…
Killer Bunnies tonight, yes?
Jenni said…
We did a puzzle last night. A new puzzle is out now. That always reminds me of you!!

Our family motto is "What's for dinner?"

Happy 1000th post. I look forward to each and every one of them. They are meaningful to me!!

My WV: undou. Please don't.
Jen said…
Ha, I like your family motto much better than the three L's. I still think we should have them vinyled in Mike's office on that overhang at the front desk just to drive Mike nuts. Sounds like you have a fun week planned for the fan this week. Can't wait to see y'all tomorrow.