Hey, I was just looking at my blog overview and noticed that I am closing in on 1000 posts. I'd better make my mille post a special one (or not).

I would post pictures from last night's Honor Band concert, but Matt sits in the back of the band, is very short, and sits behind a very tall girl. So no pictures of him in the band. Mr H, one of the directors, mentioned that this is the 5th year of Honor Band, and I thought to myself that there has been an Evans in the Honor Band every year. First Paul, then Hayley, now Matt. I'll be a little sad when there is no Evans in the Honor Band.

Matt has another concert tonight for his regular band. I'll try to get a picture of him fiddling with his trombone.

Hayley has a pep band event, which I am not going to because I am going to the band concert. I probably wouldn't go to the pep band events anyway. And no, that does not make me a parent who does not care. It does make me a parent who does not care about the high school hockey team though.

Have a good evening and try not to watch the movie "When in Rome." It is very stupid, except when it tries to be really really stupid by having a cameo by Pedro from Napolean Dynamite, and then it is very funny. But that only lasts a few seconds. Aside from that, the movie is not worth it, even if someone pays you to see it.


Jen said…
Congratuluations on your 1000 post! I honestly have no idea how many posts I have. I'll have to see if I can find out.

What no pictures of Matt sitting behind a girl taller than him. How did that happen? Didn't it occur to Mr. Bandleader that no body puts Baby (or Matt) in the corner! Pass on our wishes to the musicians for their shows.
Jen said…
Ha, I checked, and I only have 434 posts. Keep in mind that 3 years of my blog have still not been archived on my current server. Even so, I still think I'd be nowhere near 1000 posts because I rarely post. You are a posting queen!

P.S. what is an ionbun? That's my w.v.