The Jim I didn't know existed

It used to be that my husband could be taken at face value. What he thought, he said. And what he was going to do, he mentioned. 

Or so I thought.

He has carefully crafted this deception over the course of 23 years. He acted like he couldn't wait to give me presents that he had bought so he made me receive them early. He would let things slip so that I would guess surprises.  He pretended that he wasn't spontaneous and plan and plan and get my input on every detail for upcoming events. 

But today, I have learned it was all a lie.

He surprised me by bringing donuts to seminary for the whole class in honor of my birthday.
And then when I went out to my van, he had left a bouquet of flowers on the driver's seat.
And he knew that some ladies were going to come over and bring me lunch, and KEPT IT A SECRET.

I had no idea.

I'll never trust him again!  But in a good way.


Jen said…
First off, Happy Birthday to you, Sara! It sounds like it is certainly one for the books. I'm not a bit surprised that Jim would want to shower you with so many gifts because he's a good man who really loves his lady. However, I suppose I'm also a little shocked that Jim can be that sneaky, but like you said at least it was for a good cause. Big pat on the back for Jim.
Jenni said…
That is great!!! I'm glad he was able to surprise to you for once. And I'm going to surprise you by calling you one of these days on a day when you don't expect it.