I promise I'm NOT complaining

It's just past 6 a.m. on a Saturday...and I've been awake for an hour.

On a Saturday.

Younger me would have said, "THIS IS SO NOT FAIR!!!"

Mid-40s me says, "Meh, I had my sleep. I'm fine."  Besides, it's kind of fun to be up when no one else is. I can do what I want without worrying that I'm getting in the way or hovering or whatever.

Yesterday was a busy day at work. I'm still not quite used to a desk job (even though the desk is in my sewing room) (and keep in mind the headline of this post). There are phone calls to be made and software program fields to be filled with data.

Wednesday and Friday, I actually said to my husband, "I'm really busy at work." And I meant it. I really haven't ever experienced this before: sitting at my desk, doing something that needs to be done, and then suddenly I realize that two hours have passed while I've been sitting there, my brain buzzing along.

I know many of you have and can say, Yes, I know all about that, my goodness you are experiencing this for the first time? really? You spoiled person.

I told Jim that for 20+ years, my main occupation has been making sure the kids were safe and healthy and educated. It involved a lot of "Don't do this" "Go do that" and "Are you listening?"  It also involved a lot of eye rolling and hugs. My new job is very different. No hugs. (Are you listening, boss? I demand more on-the-job hugs)

But there is still a lot of eye-rolling. Fortunately I have practiced that skill and I feel confident in my ability to use it when necessary.

Like when I have to play guessing games with insurance companies. "Is $900 within your UCR allowable? $850? $875? etc...  Eye-rolling opportunity a-plenty.


Jake said…
If I find myself sitting at my desk for more than two hours straight, I have an internal spaz-attack. I don't understand how people can do that for long periods of time. Kudos to you. I worked at a US Bank call center back in 1995 or '96 and I quit after the month long training because I was going out of my mind.
The nice thing about working at home is that when I can't stand sitting at the desk any longer, I can go traipse around the house or make dinner or do the laundry or pet the kitties. Or I can turn my chair around and sit at my sewing machine. My desk-sitting max is about 2 hours too.

I'd like to see you have an internal spaz attack.

Working at a call center would SUCK.
Dennis said…
Many, Many moons ago (about 1967 or 68) I worked for American Airlines in their reservations dept. That was 8 hrs of sitting at a desk fielding calls and answeri9ng stupid questions all the time being tethered to a phone jack. The only diversion was an ocassional paper wad war.
Jen said…
Isn't it nice when you are so busy and in 2 hours it only feels like 15 min have passed? I hope it keeps up like this from now on.

I had more desk jobs than I can count on both hands, so I definitely know what it's like even though I've been "unemployed" for over 8 years. It must be so nice to be able to experience it at home. I can relate to what Jake says about going crazy at a desk job. I did when I had jobs where there was literally nothing to do for hours on end. That was pure torture for me. Or being the Gap greeter....shudder.
Jenni said…
I am so glad that you have had opportunities to get your eye-rolling perfected before needing it in an official capacity. That transition to "working" is different. Kid-raising is definitely working, it is just different from other for-pay jobs. I think I can tolerate teaching because I get to walk around and talk all day and the scene changes every 53 mintues. Even tho Mike was our only true ADHD family member, methinks we are all afflicted!! I call it AOADD (Adult Onset ADD). One of my cheerleaders asked me if I knit to calm down...Yes!

Mike, hug the poor employees!!!
Beth said…
Sara, you are like many of us (going back to work or work for the first time). You are entertaining and it also seems like it is a strange adjustment. Dave worked at home for years and it was so weird so good and equally annoying. The best part was he could get the kids when I didn't feel like it. Enjoy and keep writing! xxoo
Mike said…
No Hugs. "Hell all my employees are disgruntled, I aint runnin a daisy farm"! (Rant from Nathan Arizona aka Nathan Huffhines)