Sudden realization

I never posted a sampling of Paul's senior pictures.

Would you care to see a few? Jen took these pictures WA-A-A-A-AY back in July when it was close to a million degrees outside. We were uncomfortably hot during the photo session, Paul most of all, because in a couple pictures I made him wear his heavy wool letter jacket.

But now that is all a distant and faint memory, hardly worth recalling.

For years, I've been worried about Paul's senior pictures. Paul has been notoriously difficult to photograph in a posed state. He has always looked stiff and unnatural and has strange looks on his face. But I should not have worried. He seems to have come to grips with photographic technology and can manage a handsome smile in the face of the lens. 

And now,

pictures of Paul.

My favorite. He's for reals smiling.


TaterBean said…
I love his senior pictures!!! They are sooo good!
Jen said…
After spending lots of minutes laughing at how Paul had the same exact expression from family photo shoot's past I, too, was a little worried about whether we'd get more than one look from him. But he came through and did awesome. I'm really pleased with what we got that day even though we all almost died from heat exhaustion. I'll admit that the delay in your posting poor Paul's pictures is completely my fault since I kept putting you off with all those stupid excuses;) I'm glad I finally was able to get it all done for you. Who's next?

P.S. I'm still a little sad that we weren't able to do the family picture swap this year. We managed to get 2, yes TWO pictures last night for our Christmas cards. Let's just say it was very cold and getting dark fast and diarrhea may have a little to do with it, too. Grrr!
Jenni said…
Ha ha ha to Jen's dying-rear comment. The pictures are great. I like the one of Paul on the track. Jen did a great job, as alwasys!!