Chicken Run

We made a run for the MN/SD border this weekend. My office had their annual Christmas party this Friday and I wanted to be there. We brought Hayley and Matt along and they babysat the boss's kids while we went off and partied at Lunker's in Watertown.

Bernice, Martha, Mavis, Gladys, Hazel, and Concepcion roosting on a wagon in the barn
We decided to make a weekend of the trip and are staying with Mike and Jen at their chicken hotel. I love their chickens! Hayley and Matt liked them too.

I don't have a picture of Hayley holding a chicken (well, I do on my phone, but Matt is using my phone to play Fruit Ninja so I can't access the picture at the moment), but I have one of Matt. Hayley took to chicken holding quite easily, but Matt needs a little practice. He's not afraid of the chickens, but he is a little flustered when the birds get to squawking.
Matt and Bernice get to know each other.
I like hanging out with the chickens and much as I hate to brag, I'm pretty good at catching them and holding them so they don't freak out. Jim wouldn't touch the chickens. Chicken!
Gladys and I having a cluck session
Matt and an elk head
Matt was fascinated by a recent kill of Mike's. He insisted I take a picture of the elk head so I made him stand under it.

The other favorite pastime at Uncle Mike's is cat-tormenting.  Hayley and Matt were so excited because they finally caught a glimpse of the legendary Lilly, who they had heard about, but never seen, much less petted. They cornered Lilly and spent several minutes petting her, much to Lilly's dislike, which she made plain by growls and hisses, and which made Matt and Hayley laugh and lavish even more attention on her.
Lilly and Sadie on a shelf, and Hayley and Matt paying their oblations to their feline overlords.
I want chickens.


Jenni said…
I love the chicken names. Sounds like a fun weekend!!
Dennis said…
I really like your chicken names and I have just one question - why does Mike still have an elk head hanging in his yard? Is he warding off some creature or trying to attract others?
Jen said…
I'm so happy for your visit. We really had a fun time. I'm glad you guys did, too. You can name the chickens all you want, but I refuse to come up with 25 (now maybe more since a lady is offering some of her bantams to us...sigh) different names. That's just insane. And honestly, there's no telling them apart. Can't wait for your next visit.
Jake said…
I can haz chickens?
Dylan liked chickens.
Maya not so much.
Elk head rotting. Flies like.