9 days

Here we are in the single digits, counting down the days until Paul heads to Peru. And we're pretty sure that it will be Peru where he is going. He called the missionary travel office, and the person he talked to said that as far as he could tell, he was scheduled for Peru. He said also that we should receive Paul's visa, passport, tickets, itinerary via FedEx sometime 3-10 days before the day he leaves. So we will be watching for the FedEx truck.


Paul has some requests before he goes. Last night his request was that we play Killer Bunnies. Tomorrow night, we are going out for Juicy Lucys at the 5-8 Club (Dave and Marissa should know where this place is since they live pretty close to it. I pass it when I drive to their house). Another request is for his last dinner--he wants enchiladas. Homemade cheesy enchiladas with red sauce.

I am glad that Katie is coming out for the weekend to say goodbye to Paul. It will be fun to have her around. And Granddaddy too! It's been awhile since he's been here. Neither will be staying long and we have the days already planned out. There won't be much relaxing until after the open house.

We will miss EJ this weekend, but we'll take a lot of pictures to send to him. So if you are coming to the open house, remind me to take pictures. And be willing to be in them.


Jen said…
So close! We will be happy to help wish Paul a farewell. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!
Mike said…
Looking forward to seeing everyone during our visit. It turns out I will be attending so add another one to the list. Any requests that I bring anything, fireworks, dogs, errant travelers.
Jenni said…
Now I want to be there!! Have a super fun time!! Whatch making for foods?
Jenni said…
Now I want to be there!! Have a super fun time!! Whatch making for foods?