Day 2 and Paul's 19th birthday

I sang Happy Birthday to Paul to wake him up this morning. I don't know if it was appreciated or not. He's up though.

We have some last minute shopping to do before Wednesday so that's how we'll spend his birthday. We've already taken care of our traditional take-the-birthday-kid-out-to-his-choice-of-restaurant, and we have sung to him in the presence of a cake. The last birthday tradition is the homemade dinner of the birthday boy's choice, which I believe I will save for tomorrow night since I will be out all day and won't have time to fix the requested enchilada dish (no macaroni this year).

Granddaddy and Katie leave today. We've enjoyed having them both here. Katie has resumed her role as just another Evans kid while here, although I know she misses Christian. I wish he could have been here too. Maybe next time!

Time for old-timey pictures of Paul in honor of his birthday and in honor of his mission. WHICH IS LIKE...IN TWO DAYS.'

Little missionaries

He can handle snakes. And he has been facing his spider fear lately.

He was Mickey Mouse for Halloween

Happy birthday Paul.


Mike said…
Happy birthday Paul. He looks like a combination of Austin and Dave in his kiddo pictures. I am excited for him to leave, what an adventure, an opportunity, and good example.
Jenni said…
I gotta say that the picture of Jimmy and Paul brought tears to my eyes. My posts are usually meant to be a little funny and light hearted, but that picture of the little missionaries is too wonderful. And now it is true. I'm so proud of them and I boast about them all the time, and show pictures, too. A lady at camp has requested Paul marry her daughter. It works out perfectly as Brooke just went on a mission to (stateside) Spanish speaking. Jimmy will most likely be married by the time she gets home!! So proud!!
Dennis said…
That picture of Paul in my old high-chair was cute. He looks like a combination of Mike and Dave.
Jen said…
Happy birthday, Paul! It's so fun seeing all the pictures of him growing up. I knew him for most of those pictures. That picture of the little missionaries together is priceless. They will definitely need to take a similar one once they are both home.

Squeee...just one more day until Paul officially takes off for Peru. So exciting!