Day 6

I keep thinking that I'm going to update Paul's countdown daily, but it hasn't happened that way. There is too much to do. Like right now, I'm making icing. Just a sec while I pour in another cup of powdered sugar.

K I'm back.

This is batch one of the icing. I still need 2 more batches. And I need 2 or 3 more batches of ground beef cooked. Maybe another block of cheese grated.

All this for Paul's farewell. You're coming, I hope?

Anyway, since I don't blog like I used to, I'm going to offer up some pictures. Just a few. And I'll probably blog even less when Paul leaves, mostly because I'll be keeping up two missionary blogs for a while.

Here Paul eats a Juicy Lucy. It was his request to eat a Juicy Lucy. He got to go to the 5-8 Club again today for lunch with Jim, Granddaddy, and Matt.

This picture is not associated with Paul in any way. It's just a picture of Lemmy. It looks like the crockpot is on, but it wasn't plugged in, I assure you. Matt allowed Lemmy to roam around on the kitchen counter for a while, and this is where Lemmy chose to hide out most of the time. Lemmy is lucky; we don't let the cats up on the counter.

I mentioned that Granddaddy is here, and tonight was our traditional Granddaddy visit to Old Country Buffet. Here is pictoral evidence that my children do occasionally laugh.

And here is pictoral evidence that Granddaddy is here. I usually forget to take pics when he visits, but not this time! I made sure to get a photo.

And proof that Jim was there as well. By the way, Hayley is sipping a cherry pomegranate slushee. She says it is "dericious." She would have had more if she didn't have to leave the cup at the restaurant.

Also, on a random note, Jim and I have decided Matt has a super power (and I believe this particular power puts him on the side of villainy). He can somehow tell when one of us has to use the bathroom 10 seconds before we do, and he goes in and uses the bathroom for at least half an hour. Grrrrrrr.......  Now one of us needs a corresponding and opposite super power to foil him. Suggestions?