Last day

Tomorrow morning around 8 a.m. we take Paul to the airport.

He has spent most of the day packing and sorting through things. We got the last few things on his list, one which was a certain kind of insect repellant that is available only at a few places.

Last night we had a collective near-heart-attack moment when Paul couldn't find his passport. Katie had wanted to look at it before she left for the airport, but it wasn't in all the places we thought it could be. My stomach was churning as I helped Paul search. Jim said he hadn't even seen it since we got it in the mail with Paul's travel plans. But he thought he would check his truck anyway, even though he KNEW it wasn't going to be there. And yet it was, in a manila envelope under some other papers. It's a good thing Katie asked to see it, otherwise we all would have assumed it was where it needed to be, and then tomorrow morning would have been even more hectic, scary, and panicky, with possible tears.

Yesterday was going-home day for Granddaddy and Katie. Before they left, I made people sit down for pictures.

And here the pictures are:
Paul and Granddaddy

Hayley, Matt, Paul, Granddaddy, and Katie

Jim and his dad
I made the kids pose nicely. But I was sad that EJ was not in the picture with them. Well, he kind of is, but he needed to be brought forward.

Much better. Now EJ looks like he is a part of the group.
I didn't make them pose. I knew they wouldn't settle for just nice posed pictures. Notice Paul's face. It looks like he's beginning to get sick. And Katie is "picking" EJ's nose.
Paul continues to look increasingly uncomfortable. Katie has moved on to covering EJ's face completely.
Matt reaches for the sky, Paul looks REALLY sick, and Hayley is derping.

Yep, them's my kids.


Jenni said…
Those are great pictures!! Those are the things that make my teary-eyed.

Now for the passport story. Just the thought of that panic makes me want to throw-up. I hate those panicky moments. hurl.
Jake and Steph said…
what's "derping". I mean, I can see what she's doing, and you've provided the name of the action, but where did the name come from?
Jake and Steph said…
what's "derping". I mean, I can see what she's doing, and you've provided the name of the action, but where did the name come from?
Mike said…
Well good luck. You will be back to a pretty quiet house again. It sure was fun to see everyone this past weekend, no offense to any of the other cousins but Violet has professed out loud that Paul is her favorite cousin. I'm sure that with proper cousining someone could topple Paul from his spot, especially since he is going to be gone for a while.
Jenni said…
What did Paul do to earn that spot?
Jen said…
Awww, how fun to see all your kids posed together even if Jim is only there photographically. It was special to see everyone including Katie one last time before Paul headed off. Just think by the time a possible future mission farewell in your family happens those two boys will be home and maybe even married and there may be grandchildren added that mix. Eery to think about that,