Scaredy cats

Beware, I'm going to blog about the cats.

This is what happens when 60% of the children are gone and the other 40% are sullen teenagers. OK, Matt and Hayley aren't sullen. They are quiet though. And mostly gone. Hayley works 5 days a week, and Matt has learned to have most of his conversations inside his own head.

So I'm left to hang around the cats.

Like today.

For the past few months, I have been feeding them what I call "Daily Tuna," which is about 1/3 of a can of tuna every day around noon. The cats have come to expect it, and will start getting antsy for Daily Tuna around 10 a.m. Every time I go into the kitchen, they follow me, stare at me, and meow at me.

Today, however, Jim was in the kitchen and he asked if I had given the cats their Daily Tuna yet. I said no. So he got the container out of the fridge and put some tuna on a plate. Usually, when I even open the cupboard door to get a little plate, Magic and Servo are right there at my feet, meowing up a storm.

Today, nothing. Servo was under the chair in the living room and Magic was on a chair in the dining room. Jim called out to them and clicked his tongue, which the cats recognize as "someone is going to feed you treats."

The cats wouldn't come.

I tried it. Nothing doing. They wouldn't budge.

We gave up, put the tuna back in the fridge, and Jim decided he was going to leave to go get Hayley from work.

The minute closed the door upon leaving, the cats got up, ran to the kitchen and started meowing.

Apparently, they don't like Jim to the point of refusing Daily Tuna (which they normally go NUTS for). 

I lectured them soundly for a good five minutes while they ate their Daily Tuna.

Stupid cats.

And here are two cat pictures.

Pompous Kitty being pompous

Magic cuddles my foot


Jen said…
OMGosh...I can't believe that both cats will refuse their special treat in the presence of "the evil one". I have to laugh hysterically at that name for Jim because that's like calling the Tooth Fairy Jack the
I KNOW. They run and hide when he comes home from work. I wonder if they know something we don't.
Jenni said…
That is so funny!! Our cats know where the treats are, but they are equal opportunity cats. If one human doesn't respond to their requests, they'll try another. I think it is hilarious that they are so anti-Jim that they refuse TUNA!! They are lucky cats. Last time I gave Licky tuna, he licked it all up quickly and then barfed it up on the floor. Then he looked at me like, "That's disgusting. Clean it up."

Jen's comment - Jack the Ripper!!