Flowers and shoes

This morning I went for a walk with Hayley. It was surprisingly easy to get her to come with me. All I had to do was yell down the stairs, "Who wants to go on a walk with me?"

It wasn't a very vigorous walk since both of us had our electronic devices with us. I took flower pictures and Hayley looked up geeky meme funnies.

She didn't complain once or whine in any way. The only disturbing thing she said on the whole walk was "Mom you have a bug on your back." She didn't even laugh as I flailed and shuddered while trying to remove it. Aside from the bug, it was a nice walk.

Here are some of my flower pictures.

And a shoe picture. You'll have to guess whose shoes are whose.


Jenni said…
It is really nice to take walks with children. I have found often, that when you walk together, their mouths start to run!! It is fun to just listen to them. I use my phone to track how far I go. I use the Runtastic app. I really like it. I'm not into all the super "Push Myself" stuff, but I like to see how far I go and on the map it shows where how fast I went in each area - color coded!!

Your flowers are so pretty, and even a bee!! I liked them very much!
Jake Hawley said…
Is that Erik the half bee? Aah la-dee dee, a-one, two, three. Erik the half a bee. Is this hive employee-ee, half asleep upon my knee. I know I've screwed up the lyrics a smidge, but that's two consecutive responses by me incorporating MPFC! Yay for me.
Jen said…
Just catching up on blogging and realized I've neglected my reading, too. I can't think of any other way to spend with your kids than enjoying nature. That's the thing I miss the most about MN are the flowers. In case you haven't noticed SD flowers are mostly just in pots around here.