Day 4

Jim and I were awoken early this morning to violent thunderstorms. It rained several inches. I wasn't worried about the rain interfering with Paul's farewell open house because thunderstorms usually don't last that long. They did last several hours in the wee hours, but that much energy wouldn't sustain itself into the afternoon. And I didn't mind the bog in the backyard either. At least the yard got watered.

Oh yeah, yesterday? Matt was mowing the lawn and one of the back wheels broke. Like it broke OFF the lawn mower. But he persevered with the three-wheeled mower until the handle broke off. Really, mower? We were getting ready for a party! AND we're sending out a missionary! Hello, blessings? How is a broken mower a blessing? (I'm being overdramatic). After watching Matt struggle with trying to put the handle back on the mower for a minute, I turned to Jim and said, "Just go buy a new mower." So he did.

Anyway, we worked hard getting ready for the open house. I barked orders while decorating a cake, Jim shuffled chairs and tables around. Katie helped, too.

Oh yes, Katie is here! She brings volume with her. It was fun to watch Hayley and Katie fiddle around with some music this morning. Katie played piano and Hayley played the bassoon.

We had a lovely open house. Several of Paul's high school friends showed up, a couple of kids I'd recognized from elementary school days.

Matt chooses to be weird

Paul's cake decorated to resemble the Peruvian flag

Grandma and Grandpa Hawley and Hayley


Uncle Mike, Matt, and Lemmy

Flag and food

The birthday boy/honoree

Paul and friends

Grandma Olsen and Aunt Stephanie

Paul and Tom C

Annie found THE WIG and I told her to put it on her head and show it to her dad, Uncle Mike. Uncle Mike decided he wanted to wear it.  THE WIG is over 40 years old and very ratty.

THE WIG, Uncle Mike, and Annie

Aunts and Uncles

Grandma Olsen and Granddaddy Evans

Paul blows out the candles on his farewell/birthday cake.
So that party is over. I am so tired. Paul leaves Wednesday.


Jenni said…
It is really fun to watch his count down!! The party looked successful and delicious. I called the girls over to see Uncle Mike with hair. I told them he grew it out. They loled at the picture of him. I'm so excited for Paul, I can hardly stand it. Even after 18 months of Jimmy's blog, I still look for it every week and love to read about his adventures and see him grow so much!!
Mike said…
It was really nice to meet Lemmy.
Mike said…
It was really nice to meet Lemmy.
Jen said…
So glad we got to see Paul one last time. We loved seeing everyone including Jim Sr. and Katie, too.