First the piano, now the chairs

Remember the tape on the piano from last week? I was curious to see if there was a reaction this week to my turning the piano around and the tape being ripped off by someone else.


No second message, and the piano was facing out like I like it to be...

But "they" had turned ALL the chairs in the room so they faced a different wall, and so that the piano was now in the back and the congregation would have their backs to the piano.

That's one way to deal with it I guess. I could see the chorister and the piano faced out, so I was ok with it. The rest of the people in our ward were a little flummoxed as to why the room was set up so, but there wasn't time to change it all back to how we liked it.

I'll let you know if anything else happens.


Dennis said…
Piano wars AT Mormon Church in Burnsville. Film at 11.
Anonymous said…
Apple Valley had a VT conference was the reason for why the room was set up the way it was this past Sunday. I don't have an answer for the note on the piano but it has always had the back facing everyone.
LOL Deb! That answers that question about the chairs. Back of piano facing out=right when I am the one playing it. Our RS presidency got thrown off by the lack of chalkboard with the chair switch, but other than that, not a big deal.

And dad, as for piano wars, I will fire no shots, unless provoked by another piece of tape.
Jenni said…
This is funny. I can see this going all the way to the top.

Jen said…
My reaction was going to be quite different had I not read Deb's response. Otherwise, I was going to say, "passive agressive much, people!" After thinking about it some more, I have NEVER seen an LDS church room/chapel with a piano where the piano player's back is to the seats. It's always been that the piano player faces the audience so she and the chorister can work together to present the song to the group. Whoever thought they were "right" with their little note doesn't seem to have much common sense.

Now look what you've made me done. I've written a dang essay about which direction a piano should face.
Mike said…
I would still invest in a 'nanny cam'. You could hide it in a floral arrangement or use one of moms old organ bags.