Not the kind you see at a baseball game retrieving Louisville Sluggers or game balls.

Other Jim brought home a bat from The-Place-Where-He-Works Mart. He caught it in a cup, stashed it in his car, and brought it into THE HOUSE. A LIVE BAT. The kind that sucks blood and turns into vampires!

Yes, I got pictures.
Other Jim transferred it from the cup to a little mesh container that Hayley and Matt have used to collect bugs. The pictures aren't great, but I was NOT going to let the bat out of its temporary cage in the house just to get a few good pictures. I don't trust bats. They're cute and all, but I just don't trust them ever since one whacked me good on the head in Wind Cave. Plus there's the whole rabies thing. Not my cup 0' hot chocolate.
The body was perhaps two to three inches long. I petted his belly through the mesh and he didn't seem to mind. Other Jim and Matt felt his toenails that were protruding through the mesh.
Then we let him go outside. I got a blurry picture of him skimming the sidewalk in front of our house.
Then he flew off into the wild pitch black yonder to commune with his own kind and debrief regarding his covert mission into the house of the humans for reconnaissance. The bats must be preparing for an invasion of a bloodthirsty kind.

His visit was an omen.

Halloween is coming soon.


Like my little Natalie says, "Boys are disGUSting." :)
Jenni said…
We seem to attract bats. What does that say about us? What an exciting night you had. That is rather fun.
Jen said…
I think bats are cute, too, but I agree that I wouldn't want one flying around my house. I went on a caving trip in HS, and there would be bats hanging from the ceiling. We even pet some, too.
Dennis said…
When I was in Indonesia I saw many, many "flying squirls" also known as fruit bats. They have a 3-4 ft wing span. There was even a guy by the side of the road with a "pet" fruit bat and we stopped and fed it bananas and got to hold it. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of it but they are all over the place in Asia.
Did you know that if it weren't for bats we would be inundated by mosquitos and other insects to the point that we wouldn't be able to go outside at night. Bats are our friends (but I still don't like them).