Running in circles

As in two laps around the Rosemount school grounds in a huge pack of boys following a pace cart.

Yes, it's that time of year again, folks. Cross country running for Paul. I loaded up the van with a water bottle, a banana, some off-brand Yogos for Fake Child, Fake Child herself, and set Aunt Roady's sister (who still doesn't have a name. And Aunt Roady has had an "operation" and is now known as Tio Camino--Spanish for Uncle Road. Jim has him/her set to Spanish male voice) with the address for Rosemount high school and headed out to watch Paul run.
He's on the varsity team again this year, just barely squeaking into that 7th slot (he says he ran only as fast as needed to get onto the varsity team--little stinker).

The team engages in a little bit of group hugging right before the race. Mic the Manager smiles happily in the background.
At the starting line...
Paul's first lap.
He's coming "down the chute" (the term for the end of the race, which is usually bounded by rope and flags funneling the runners to the finish line). He's the third Prior Lake boy to finish.
I still can't figure out how he manages to smile after running for 11 minutes straight. I'd be dead on the ground after 1 minute. Or less. And certainly I wouldn't be smiling.


Jen said…
Way to go, Paul. It occurred to me when Hayley and Matt were visiting that Hayley and Paul really do look a lot a like. Maybe I noticed it because Hayley had her hair covered all weekend by that hat she made.