"Laboring" to think of ten things I will do tomorrow on the first day of school for the kids

1. Jump out out bed and wave vigorously at three of the children as they leave the house. Threaten to follow Hayley to the bus stop with the camera and run away as she takes a swing at me with her backpack. Threaten to photograph the boys as they hop into the Luminosity--Other Jim's car--and watch them roll their eyes because they know I won't follow through.
2. Hop in the Van with No Name (does that count as a name?) to volunteer at the high school passing out schedules. I can rest easy doing this because a) I will have showered and b) my boys have their schedules already.
3. Call home while passing out schedules to make sure that Matt is awake.
4. Call a second time because he sometimes doesn't answer the phone.
5. Call a third time to remind him to brush his teeth.
6. Go home after volunteering to find Matt playing the Wii. Kick him off and bark at him to make sure he has everything. Shoes? Socks? Underwear? Chores done? Hair messed up? Eye-rolling function operational? Voice volume check (and turned all the way up)?
7. Squeeze Matt one more time as he heads out the door and threaten to follow him to the bus stop. See him run REALLY FAST and hear him yell "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
8. Smile at the door.
9. Sit on the couch for 5 hours.
10. Babysit fake child (sigh)


Jen said…
Even though you'll technically be working, it still sounds like an enjoyable day.