A rose is red

A Violet is cute
First the blessing,
then time for to shoot.

Bad poetry, how I love thee!

This baby is so even-tempered! She didn't cry at all during her blessing. Vi and Grandma

Mike wanted to get at least one shooting session in while we were there. He patiently showed Hayley and Matt how to shoot a pellet gun. An orange juice carton served as a target and both kids hit the target a couple of times.

Hayley discovered that she has to shoot left-handed because it's hard to close her left eye to use her right eye to get the sights lined up. Get that? Neither did I. Anyway, she has an easier time shooting left-handed. Even though she does everything else right-handed.
Matt's arms aren't quite long enough. This does not bode well for trombone playing. Oh well. He did hit the target. It looks like he is crying in this picture, but let me assure you that he is not. He just has his face mooshed up against the stock.
My turn. I took three shots and hit the target all three times. Yes, I am awesome.
Jim gets to shoot the big-boy way, without using the patio post as a stabilizer.
If you want to see nice family pictures, visit the hawleyfocus, where Jen has posted some pictures that she took of the blessing day.


Jen said…
You are awesome, Sara! Thanks for making the trip. Even though 'twas short we still had a great time. We'll be seeing you in just a couple of weeks anyway. Mimi mentioned several times that you fixed her hair yesterday. She's never quite as excited when I fix her hair (even when I do cute styles).

Mike is pleased that he got to get some shooting in, too, with you guys.
Jenni said…
Aw shucks. Wish we could have joined you. We're always up for some shooting. Great pictures!!