Boo-hoo! My trip is over! It was wonderful to see Katie, and I'm glad we were able to help her move. Email me if you want her new address.

I now resort to showing you my trip pictures. I have shown you some already, so we pick up the trip on the second day in Utah (I have no idea what day that was. Days don't have names when you are on vacation).

Jim and I went to visit the gravesite of his grandparents. He didn't know exactly where the grave was (he DID know which cemetery, though) and we walked among the gravestones until we found it. I remember Hazel very fondly; she always made me feel welcome and put me at ease right away with her sense of humor. Jim and I visited her a few times while we were still BYU students and then we visited a couple of times after we moved away. The last time was about a week before she passed away. Other Jim (third one after the James Warner on the inscription below) was only about 9 months old at the time.
After the visit, we went to lunch with Katie and then went downtown to the Family History Library where I promptly pulled a muscle scrolling through what seemed like hundreds of film reels of Rathen parish civil registration and old Parochial registers.

The next day, Jim cleaned the car. No more dead bugs!
Art showed us a bullet hole he put in the hood of his car after taking Katie and Jim shooting the day before.
Katie and me on moving day
Her old room after it was emptied of the bed, a desk, and a multitude of other things. Notice that there is still a multitude of even otherer things still there.
Jim and Kate. Notice that Jim is letting a goatee grow. I guess shaving is not a fun vacation event. I don't mind.
Jim and his former babysitter, Aunt Karen
Uncle Art and Aunt Karen. They are such fun relatives!

Art's trailer, which hauled the big stuff
The door of Katie's new apartment
Katie in her new room
A drawer full of plastic bags (giggle)
The family picnic after the move (and a nap) L to R: Thomas, Sara, Art, Jenny, Karen, Katie, Dave (Sara's husband)

Lisa and Jenny's baby, Owen

And then the last day of our road trip, I took a picture of the sun through some fog in Custer SD.
Things I did not get pictures of: me doing family history research, napping, eating lunch with Katie at La Paisa Grill, Katie's workplace (darn!), eating lunch with Katie at PF Chang's, the Draper Temple (Kate has those pictures on her camera. I'll have to check my flash drive to see if she loaded them on it), Katie and her co-worker who lives in the same apartment complex, meeting up in a grocery store with the guy who introduced Jim and me to each other and told Jim to ask me out, Sara's baby Spencer, Jenny's other son Beckham, two other Wright cousins
who weren't able to come to the picnic (and I only ever saw David Wright as he slept on the couch--I never did see him awake. Sara, tell David thanks for the use of his bed while we were there), most of the trip home. I didn't feel well on the first day of our trip home and the second day we were just anxious to get home.

Time for more napping--blogging wore me out!


Jenni said…
Great pictures of interesting things. Hope Katie is happy at her new place. Looks like you enjoyed it. Glad we could chat last night!!
Jen said…
Looks like a fun time. I'm sure Katie was thrilled to have you guys there even if to help with a daunting chore. Art and Karen are great people, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet them last summer.
Ashley said…
Thanks for the picture of the headstone! It's the first time James was able to see it. Wish he could have met Grandma.