Current enjoyment

Riding my stationary bike while watching the last episode of the first season of Pushing Daisies.

Hearing nothing from everybody else.

I hate to admit enjoying others' illnesses, but fake child called in sick today (her mother did the actual calling for her) so I am work-free today (but also money-free. Alas).

Note to self: get fat hands on Pushing Daisies season two. Mourn lack of more Pushing Daisies seasons yet again. Find some other episodic show to watch while racking up the miles on the stationary bike.


Jen said…
Lucky you to be without kids today. I've got all 3 home today because Annie is having some psychological issues. I've about had it with that child.

I recommend Psych as an episodic DVD to watch. We've got Season 1, Disc 2 currently.
Jenni said…
I just wanted to comment and say hi. I like your blog.