Better late than never

It seems like we are the last school districts on the planet up here in MN to send our kids off to school. I've been so jealous of reading back-to-school stories on others' blogs and seeing kids get on the bus and heading off to school while we were on vacation! I am not afraid to say that I don't miss my children while they are at school. I feel no guilt or shame in saying that I'm GLAD they are going back to school. I like them when they are around me, but they need school and I need for them to be in school.

The kids don't start until next week. But I finally feel that school is near. When we got home from the trip, the mail was heaped neatly on our bed (in piles by day of delivery--thanks, Paul) for us to peruse. Loving mail as much as I do, going through the piles was the first thing on my list of things to do when I got home.

And, oh happiness! we got bundles of school-related missives! Matt got his teacher assignment, and a wad of papers for me to sign to bring to the open house. All the kids got their bus assignments (except Other Jim, who has elected not to receive bus service--I had to not fill out a bus request form for him. If a high schooler does want bus service, you have to fill out a form). Hayley got her invitation to the middle school open house, along with picture forms.

Paul and Other Jim have already had their back-to-school orientation the week before the trip. (I was quite relieved to discover that our trip would not get in the way of any orientations) Matt's orientation is today and Hayley's is tomorrow.



I agree. It's a fun time and they/we need school.
Jen said…
Wow, you guys really do start school late. Annie started back yesterday and Mimi today. Sadly, I was lazy about taking pictures this year. Maybe I'll take some of Mimi getting picked up today and Annie getting off the school bus. It's such a relief to have the girls at school now. I do like the girls to be home most of the time, but it was getting stressful with Annie constantly asking what's next on the agenda, and/or the girls always hovering around the baby. We all need some breathing space.
Jenni said…
Yes, yes. Back to school. We are already into the phase of school being normal. I'm not accustomed to my new schedule yet, but I'm getting there. Will Paul ride to school with OJ? Do they associate?
I'm still waiting.....the kids don't go back until after Labor Day!!