A week???

Ten things I did or someone else did that I didn't post about for a whole week.

1. Jim stained the deck--a two day process.
2. Paul ran a personal best at the Lakeville CC meet. He was 5th in on the team--it was a FAST race. Top runner came in under 16 minutes.
3. Wrangled Mom for a few hours post-surgery. The woman will not sit still. Mike, I know where you got your not-sitting-still from. Honestly! "No, we will not be going to the thrift store half an hour after you were discharged from surgery, Mother!" We did stop by the arboretum apple store, though. PS--she's fine.
4. Thought about renting a car for my upcoming trip to CA for my grandmother's 90th birthday. Postponed any action on the thought until later.
5. Saw Sr. Beck speak at a fireside and a training meeting on Saturday (I sat from 3 til 7:30 in the same chair). Learned that all you need to know to be fluent in Spanish is "Hola. Mucho gusto" and kissing Spanish women on the left cheek. "The rest is sign language" she said. Despite the urging she gave us not to pile the guilt on, still went home with a pile of guilt on. Loved her story about visiting teaching.
6. Learned that taking a break from responsibility after a CC pasta dinner isn't all it's cracked up to be. Got a bit cranky.
7. Finished Lost Symbol. I'll have to read that one again. I kind of enjoy his philosophizing. The hand thing though--YUCK.
8. Banged my head against the wall regarding lack of communication. Am trying not to think of all the ways I could do other people's jobs better.
9. Rubbed my eyes too much last night and now they are all puffy and weepy.
10. Am thoroughly enjoying a British TV show--sort of a period piece soap opera called Berkeley Square. I watch it while exercising on the stationary bike. But I hear it's only 9 episodes and doesn't have much of a resolution. Frowny face!

Hey, want to see a few pictures of Katie? She emailed me some of herself posing in her unfinished Halloween costume and she said I could post them.Very nice, yes? She's sewing a Renaissance dress for Halloween. She says everyone is dressing up on Halloween at her office. She's borrowing a friend's sewing machine because the one I brought out for her to use is DEAD. Sigh. So much for trying to help a girl out.


Jen said…
So now I officially know where Mike gets his non-laziness. Your mom wasn't much for sitting around here either when she visited. I felt bad about dragging her to the sewing machine store that was over an hour away the first time and told her I'd wait to go to the 2nd machine shop that was over an hour away on another day after she left. She insisted we go, and we did.

Love the pictures of Katie. I'm sure her dress will turn out beautifully. I wish I could sew apparel like that.
Jenni said…
Yes, I was suffering withdrawls (prounounce "with-drawer-ells"). Those are nice things you didn't post about. You have been busy. I thought you were going to WI this weekend. I was wrong. I bought that book and will read it soon. I am finishing up Harry Potter/Deathly Hallows for the 2nd time and I can't put it down, although I force myself. It is just as good this time around. Was Dan Brown's book about the Mormon church at all becuase I heard from someone that it was. But it doesn't look like it to me.
Jenni said…
And, I need a Halloween costume, too. Katie is doing a great job.
Jenni, Dan Brown only mentions Mormon-related things twice in passing. But a lot of it will seem like it is based on Mormon things. It's about Masonic ritual and philosophy. And I've read HPDH several times and I haven't tired of it yet. Yes, THIS weekend we go to WI.

Jen-Yeah, Mom's a hard one to keep still, especially if sewing, knitting, or thrifting is involved.
Let the guilt go!!! You do great stuff all the time. There was a good related article in the new Ensign too.
Steph, easy enough to say, but difficult to do!
carma said…
I'm with ya on pondering how I could do other people's jobs better. Always a fun exercise!!

My son is going to be performing at the Renn Fest this year and I suggested wearing his costume for Halloween, but he didn't seem to like that suggestion!

Her dress looks lovely :-)