The Lasagna days and selective amnesia

Nearly a year ago, we hosted a pasta dinner for the high school cross country team. When sign-ups rolled around for this year's pasta dinners, I signed right up. Paul initially said that he'd rather not host a pasta dinner, but I wore him down finally and made him come to terms with it. He never did say why he was loathe to have everyone over.

So tomorrow is the day that I signed up to host the dinner. I've been busy grating cheese, browning mild Italian sausage for four pans' worth of lasagna. And just for a lark, I thought I'd look up last year's post about our first turn as CC parents hosting a dinner.

Apparently I forgot that my head nearly imploded because of things that did not go right. I totally blanked on how they came early and the house was still a mess, and the lasagna wasn't cooked all the way through, and I had no bread, and the salad came REALLY late, and we didn't have enough food so I had to have Jim run to the store for more spaghetti sauce and I was boiling up spaghetti noodles not quite fast enough to feed the runners and we had NO DESSERT.

I am so MAD at my brain right now for repressing those memories and allowing me to sign up to be a host this year!!


*deep breath*

Ten notes to self:
1. Don't listen to brain ever again when it assures you that something will be fun.
2. This year, there is no children's choir to go to right afterward and Other Jim can drive himself to work.
3. I have no less than 5 other dinner contributors and I am pretty sure we will have plenty of food. The mom in charge of beverages just dropped off milk. So we're set there.
4. Someone is even bringing extra chairs!
5. The kids will still be early, but they can play bocce ball or horseshoes while we wait for the food to arrive from the contributors (my food will hopefully be done by 4:30).
6. Take deep breaths all day long.
7. Picture-taking opportunities!
8. It was fun last year, actually. I even said so in my post from last year.
9. Cross country meet the next day and I can go!
10. You CAN do this.


Jen said…
Count to 10. It will all go just fine. I'm sure it was just fine last year, but we tend to beat ourselves up a little too much. Good luck!
This is the same reason we have more than one child. Selective memory.