It's all over when the fat lady collapses in a heap on the couch

So, yesterday.

Cross country running practice ends at 4:45 or so. We had planned on eating at 5. I told the lady who was bringing the salad to come at 5. I spent the afternoon making lasagnas. At 3:00, I put the lasagnas in the oven. I grated cheese, I started cleaning (there was a lot to clean).

At 4:00, the timer beeped, signaling the need to put the cheese on the lasagna. Then the phone rang. It was Paul. "We are on our way." I flipped out. WHAT HAPPENED TO "PRACTICE ENDS AT 4:45???" He said, "Oh, practice gets over early on the day before the race." INFORMATION THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN USEFUL TO ME YESTERDAY!!!* The house was still in the advanced stages of wrecktitude and the lasagna--gasp!--was still MOSTLY NOT HOT, even after an hour of baking. I had only just started to boil the water for the spaghetti. Jim wasn't home, Jimmy was ignoring my request for help by SLEEPING, and Matt is still a beginner at the art of being a truly helpful cleaner. And Hayley was doing homework.

In a whirling dervish-like frenzy, I got the attention of the three children, gave them tasks, and prayed that the lasagna would heat up. When the kids arrived, I told Paul to tell them all to play outside for a bit and asked him to vacuum the living room (YES it needed it). Then Jim got home and I sent him to the store for more spaghetti sauce, because my supply ran out. He also took Jimmy to work and made the lemonade. Dinner all came together in 45 minutes and I had enough food.

The kids made quick work of the lasagnas and the spaghetti, (although we have enough leftovers for the next two nights). Then it rained.

Pictures? Why yes, I did manage to take a few.
And since I am fond of shoes, I give you an image of a few of the shoes. Some of the kids had already left by then and others didn't take theirs off. So I lived and it was all good and the kids were fun and the house was presentable. And then I took Hayley and Matt to children's choir and played the piano for that. That was fun!

*Guess the movie reference for 7 points.


Dennis said…
You are a terrific mom
Jen said…
Hooray, you made it out alive! What perfect timing, too. If I ever find myself in the same situation, then I'm flying you in for the day to help out (or to do all the work since you do so well at it alone...ha). Sound good?
mastubz said…
Sounds like some of my early morning dreams/nightmares - where I have a huge amount of stuff to do and just can't get my pantyhose on. Glad it all went well, and the noodles were hot. WAY TO GO, Micah! I din't raise no dummies-their brains are chockful of useful info!