Running against the wind

I finally got to see Paul run today. After missing the most of the varsity tryout, being in Utah for the first race, and the second race being way the heck down in Montgomery-Lonsdale (where??), I was there to watch Paul run in Lakeville. 30 teams competed today and the small park looked more like the State Fair than a park in a rural setting. Police directed traffic and the schools had tarps set up for their "home base." I worried that I wouldn't find the team's base, but theirs was the second one I walked by. Finding Paul proved more difficult; no one knew where he was. I stood around for 20 minutes, found out the start time for the race (5 p.m.), and watched people go by. Finally Paul showed up, embarrassed to see me. Mother and camera! Here he is, arguing with some of the other varsity runners about the actual start time of the race. He thought the race started at 5:30, but he was WRONG.I got a picture of Paul running! He was fifth PL runner in--he said he had a slight cramp or something and didn't run as fast as he thought he was capable of doing. I was just glad to see him race.
And here he is after the race, tired and sweaty. Then he had to join the team for their post-race cool-down. More running. Bleagh. So I left him there.
Side note: Tonka had a team there, and in fact they are really really good. I found myself cheering the white M on a blue field, whenever a Skipper ran past. Go Tonka! I like the PL Laker team, but I must follow the primal instinct to cheer for my alma mater, especially if they are among the best.


froggybaby said…
Go Skippers, Go OH! Fight for victory. With your colors flying we will cheer you all the time, RAH RAH RAH...

And go Paul. Those pictures are great!
Jake said…
Jen, I must say that having graduated from Minnetonka also, I'm not quite sure how the fight song went. I pretty much just faked the song when playing it in marching band. When you a low brass instrument, just keep the rhythm in the same key, and you'll never have to bring your gigantorous instrument home to practice.

Sara, Kudos on the pasta party going early. Fun isn't it? Wanna job?