The real story of the keyboard

Stupid keyboard. It occasionally does not work. Once I had to reinstall the driver for it. That fixed the problem but only temporarily. On Tuesday, the keyboard didn't work and I couldn't reinstall the driver because the computer said that it could not find the software. So Jim bought a new keyboard and I ignored the computer all day. When Jim brought the keyboard home, we went downstairs only to find Jimmy sitting at the computer, typing.

So yes, we have a new keyboard, but the old one STILL WORKS. I have no idea if it installed itself or what. I thought I left the keyboard unplugged and Jimmy swears he did nothing to it. He just sat down and started typing.

I am going crazy, I guess.

And I see that I've scared everyone away except for Karie by turning the events into a short story. I knew I would never be a best-selling author!

In other news today, I am probably going to be perfecting the face-plant this evening, since I have booked my calendar today to the hilt. And I'm feeling rather anemic. Somebody needs to take away my calendar for a while and forbid me to do anything until I can schedule my day in a more appropriate manner.


Jen said…
Yes, you are crazy, but that's only part of the problem..LOL. Especially for all the calendar events you take on. Last week I had 3 things scheduled in one day that were actually written on the calendar, and I thought I was going to have to pull a celebrity and admit myself the hospital for exhaustion;)
OK half my stuff is done today. Just a couple more things to do. And one of those things does NOT include making dinner.
froggybaby said…
Actually, we loved your story, I laughed, Morg laughed. I had Teto read it and she was laughing hysterically. So, don't assume bad things. You know what happens when you assume. (think Benny Hill)!!!
froggybaby said…
PS. You'll notice that people rarely comment on my blog. I have a whopping 2 on Morgie's band picture. Maybe I'll quit blogging. Nobody cares anyway.
I CARE. If you quit blogging, you'll have to email me more frequently and include pictures. Otherwise how can I see Morgan sticking her tongue out while she's wearing a sousaphone?
Jen said…
Don't quit blogging. You need to post more often. I've found my "readership" decrease over the years because I don't post often enough. I try to comment on yours when I can, but I always read your posts.