Today is all about pasta

I'm going to be up to my elbows in spaghetti sauce all day. Paul's pre-race pasta dinner is tonight. Every time I have people over for whatever reason, I worry that I haven't prepared enough food. And today is no different. How much spaghetti will 35 kids eat? Yes, I know the answer is "A LOT." but how much is "A LOT?" Is it more than "A TON?" or "LOADS?" Will 9 jars of Ragu be enough? And then we must take in to consideration the 2 pans of stuffed shells already made and the 2 pans of lasagna that WILL be made (will I have enough spaghetti sauce for THAT?). Do I have enough spaghetti noodles on hand? I have plenty of elbows, as you can see: (ew. she keeps body parts in her pantry. And they are PLUS-sized elbows! She's a monster!) (OK, it's still early in the morning; I'm a still a little groggy, and I type odd things while groggy)

Now I've forgotten my point. Perhaps there was no point to this post, other than to say that I have to cook wads of pasta today and I hope I cook enough. Another lady is bringing garlic bread and salad. We'll have gallons of lemonade to drink.

And immediately after the feasting begins, I have to leave to take Matt and Hayley to children's choir. Jim gets to deal with the teenagers as they eat their way through my pantry.


Micah & Sarah said…
We had to make spaghetti for eight people and ended up making enough for about 30! A little pasta goes a long way. I'm sure you have enough.
Whenever I make spaghetti for my kids, I think I've made enough, but someone always says, "Is there anymore?" and there isn't.
Jake said…
Sara, spaghetti cooks pretty quickly if you have to make more. Just have a pot of water on the stove ready to go, it can even be simmering. Also, the sauce will slightly thicken over a little bit of time. A little hot water will stretch that out if'n you need to. Just a couple of tips from someone that would rather push the envelope of not making more than you have to opposed to making too much.