Mama, I want to pet the big one!

I just thought I would mention that someone found this blog by googling "sousaphone petting zoo." It happened a while ago, but since then, I've found myself wondering what that person meant by that? I just keep getting visions of little sousaphones running around in an animal pen with kids following after, trying to pet one. Maybe niece Morgan might know something about a sousaphone petting zoo. Has anyone tried to pet your sousaphone, Morg? Did you get it at a petting zoo?

By far the most popular search phrase that leads to hits on this website is for "grease pink ladies" or some form of query regarding the musical "Grease" and the Pink Ladies. I get at least two a day that look up this post. Two a day may not seem like alot, but when your website averages around 25-30 visits per day, and most of those are family members, two strangers looking up Jan, Marty, Rizzo, and Frenchy per day is a big thing. Then there is also the search for "orange hair" or "lowlights" that lead to hits on this picture.

Just in the last 24 hours, two people have found my blog through searching "cat cartoon robot."

Do I have a point? No, I do not. I just thought "sousaphone petting zoo" was odd.


i just googled "sousaphone petting zoo" and your blog website was the first thing to come up. other than that, i dont think ive ever heard of a sousaphone petting zoo, but i have petted my sousaphone on occasion.
Jen said…
Ha, I think I've already showed you some the traffic keywords to my sit. Some are hilarious while others are downright scary.

Here's a few of my favorites:
"we can talk or not talk for hours" - this actually is googled a lot
"rotten egg smell in basement" - I can only hope that I actually mentioned rotten eggs somewhere in my blog, otherwise maybe people are saying my basement smells like rotten eggs
"anniebites" - she used to, a LOT
"buy liquid chocolate essence" - hmmm, this is maybe a little scary
"dora backpack crack" - even scarier
"mom lets him wear her pantyhose" - I don't even want to know why someone would search for this

Oh, there are so many more, some that are totally inappropriate to even type. I'm sure you still remember when someone search for your name and wanting to see that person in a certain state...LOL.
katie said… is the first one when you google sousaphone petting zoo.