The Great Room Switch 3: Removing the Shelf

The sewing room gets emptier and emptier.

I needed to detach the shelf from the wall--it's a tipsy shelf and so we had to secure it with a few screws. I mentioned that some unscrewing had to be done and Jim was down there in a flash with his screwdriver before I had time to say, "Where do you keep the screwdrivers so I can do this myself?"
Now I can see all the crud and junk on the floor of the sewing room. I want a giant vacuum attachment that will suck all the detritus, big and small, directly into a garbage so I don't have to injure my back by bending over for half an hour while I pick scraps of paper and fabric, canned chicken labels, and CHOCOLATE CHIPS up off the floor. Notice that I typed CHOCOLATE CHIPS in all caps. I do not eat raw chocolate chips. I repeat, I do not eat raw chocolate chips. I prefer them in a cookie dough. Even then, I prefer the raw cookie dough. SOME PEOPLE in my house have been invading the choc chip bags in my food storage and leaving little trails of dropped chips (like Hansel and Gretel) on the sewing room floor. No one admits to doing it, of course so I've stapled a sign on my chocolate chips warning everyone off the chips. If my warning is ignored, I just might have to follow through on my threat.
This photo is not associated with the Great Room Switch, but it needs to be shared. It's a kite shaped like a dragon that someone was flying across the street at the park. Awesome!


froggybaby said…
It was me. I ate the chocolate chips. I love them. I know you don't, but I do. Nice to see the progress on the room. And, we LOVED the kite. It would make me a believer of dragons and fairies.
Katie said…
HEHE. they are still eating your choc. chips. hummmm....i WONDER who could be doing, it's like a steal choc, or a bag of them, and eat them. although, sounds like they aren't doing a very good job at hiding the fact that they are eating the choc. chips. i was never that bad at it, not that i stole them all the time. don't be mad, they are just hungry...
i wish i had choc chips right now.

so it looks like the sewing room is almost all cleaned up. pretty soon ALL the kids will be downstairs...with easy access to the tv all night. ;)
just a warning...
Jen said…
I 3rd the love for eating choco chips. However, I've now gotten in the habit to actually plan ahead of time to have better, more appropriate chocolate treats around most of the time when I need a fix. Mike still remembers coming home from work to catch me sitting on the couch and holding a bottle of magic shell upside down and drizzling the sweet, sweet sauce into my mouth. I love that stuff!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Too bad Mike didn't capture the moment in pixels!

Yes, Magic shell=yum