Random pictures

These are carrots from my garden. It's nice to have at least one produce item that can go from in ground to table in half an hour (and that includes time allotted to scrubbing and cooking, if necessary. Some we don't cook). No need to peel these orange gems either.
Paul studies his homework. Wait a minute...there is something odd about this picture.
Aah, much better. But it still makes me uncomfortable to see him sit like that. I bet if I laid a level on his neck, the bubble would be right where it should be, declaring his neck to be perfectly parallel to the ground.
Two naughty cats after I scooted them out of the garage. "We're so sorry!" one said, "we'll go have a time out on the piano bench and act repentant, ok?" The other one just shrugged and said, "I'll sit, but ain't no way I'm acting repentant. I'm too cool for that. Besides, being in the garage was FUN."Can you spot the difference between this picture and this one? Might be hard to tell since they are at a slightly different angle.


katie said…
hey...it's a picture of my best buds, Magic and Servo. i'm sure magic misses me like crazy. stupid cat!
froggybaby said…
So, Katie needs to get a picture. Wish I could have had the carrots. Very pretty. Love the kitty kats. Hey Paul. The dresser and shelves!! They is gone!
Katie, Aunt Jen is right. You need a picture. Or at least to send me one so I can post a picture of you.

Have fun watching movies tomorrow! Say hello to the person you are going to watch movies with.
Jen said…
Your carrots turned out so lovely. How uncomfortable Paul looks with his 90 degree neck. You should use that picture of Servo and Magic for your Christmas card photo. They really do look like they are posing for a portrait.

I see some difference between the 2 pics, the shelves and dresser in the background are no longer there. The sewing machine is now present. Do I get any prizes?