The Great Room Switch Begins 2: Empty Shelves

I would like to share the progress I have made in the sewing room. For comparison purposes, see this post.
Notice that all the pictures on the ledge are gone. There is residue on the wall from a border put up by the previous owners, but I will deal with that when the room is empty and ready to be painted. It was a heinous border of red and silver foil race cars, a most egregious affront to the tender interior decor sensibilities of my sewing machine. She cried for weeks. Sergei the serger never saw the border, it having been taken down before Sergei arrived, orphaned, on my doorstep. Now the clock sits on the ledge, alone but happy in his role as sole dictator.

So there is the progress on the room. Not much seems to have been done, but I'll be durned if there ain't already 7 packed boxes in the garage.

This stopped me short the other day. This piece of paper has been on the door to Hayley and Katie's room for a few months, but is no longer completely applicable. No I didn't cry, but I was reminded that things have changed around here. And just because Rozzie's name is on the picture doesn't mean she has moved in. Unless she's been hiding...Jen, have you checked for Rozzie lately?
And just because I love my quilt, I have this picture to share. The pillowcase is glow-in-the-dark too.


Jen said…
Don't you just love progress? Looks like you're well on your way to making the switches.

Oh, I think I would have been a little sad, too, if I had seen that sign from the girls' room. Sniff, sniff.

Yowzers, that is one loud quilt. But I like it. A lot. You know me and my bright colors. It's been society that has forced me to tone it down:(
Jessie said…
WOW! That quilt is amazing! Yeay for Halloween! What are your family Halloween plans this year? Our ward has a big ol' party at a family's house/farm. I still don't know what Bon and I are going to be this year... last year's Mario & Princess Peach will be hard to top. Any suggestions? (something nerdy would probably suit us best...)

And the progression of the room switch is definitely noticeable! Way to go!
froggybaby said…
PROGRESS!! How clever of you. I have checked for Rozzie so she is safe in her bed at this moment. However, I'm sure she'd rather be bunking with Hayley. It is nice to see my quilt again. Yes, it is loud, but it is such a wonderful conglomoration of Halloween fun, that it is perfectly ok.

And I do know that I most likely spelled conglomoration wrong.